30 reasons to love Skandar

♥because if

♥because we love him

♥because we like his the way to be
♥because he stole our hearts
♥because it is unique
♥is very cute

♥He is so sweet
♥is a great actor
♥he has great hair
♥because he deserves
♥because it makes us feel good
♥because it is a great person
♥Never met anyone like him
♥because it has a beautiful voice

♥He is so cool
♥because it has an incredible smile
♥because he has beautiful brown eyes
♥is super fun
♥He is good with the fans
♥looks cute
♥looks good in armor
♥because he has two cats  named "puss" and "boots"

♥he can take a joke
♥he has a flashlight
♥because when I close my eyes I think of him
♥because he has our support
♥because he is our illusion
♥all the crazy things he does or says
♥because he was born
♥because he is a king, he is our king